Dr. Terri Jump President, InSights Consulting

“Over many years I have participated in various personal and professional training programs. While many have been inspiring and effective, few helped me create long-lasting change in my life. This coaching process focuses on transformational change… helping people to live their lives in integrity with their deepest values and dreams. For me this has been life-giving-both personally and professionally.”

Dr. Kent Millard Former Senior Pastor, St. Lukes Church

“This coaching and training program helped me articulate who I am and what my vision is for my life. I have found it exceedingly beneficial in helping me overcome issues from my past and live joyfully in the present. I highly recommend it.”

Michael Coppes Emswiller Williams

“All my adult life I have chased an unfulfilling image of who I should be. Through these workshops I am discovering the gift of who I really am, and I’m experiencing joy and freedom in my life for the first time since childhood.”

Tom Godby Entrepreneur and Civic Leader

“This was an eye-opening and profound experience for me. I am a better person, father, husband and business owner as a result.”

Liz Avelo Marketing Director, McDougal

“Practical and useful-lots of new insights and tools. This changed my life!”