Jim Zarvos

Jim Zarvos


Jim Zarvos is the president and founder of Paradigm Consulting International, a consulting firm, specializing in executive coaching and shaping high performance teams. He is also the co-founder of Zarvos Leadership & Coaching which offers a transformational coaching curriculum for anyone seeking new levels of personal fulfillment and success.

Jim has an extensive background in dramatically improving people’s ability to lead effectively, communicate, coach, and produce unprecedented results.

His work has evoked personal and organizational breakthroughs with both established and emerging companies such as JP Morgan Chase & Co, Careerbuilder.com, American Express, Eli Lilly, and Southwest Airlines. Currently, he is involved in consulting and training projects in Spain, Asia and Russia.

Jim is featured in the movie “The Absolute Answer to Everything” and is working on a book “The Absolutes of Leadership” due to be published in 2014. When he is not writing or facilitating, Jim is doing what he loves most—hanging out with his four children, and his wife, Nora.